Working for others while working against our own happiness and well being.

Making a living doing what we do not love to do and do not have any passion for, is like continuously making love to someone who constantly misused and abused us, and yet we always seem to find ourselves back into their arms. For the vast majority of us, that which we do for a living is not empowering to us, it doesn’t fuel our energy with joy, it doesn’t wake us up with enthusiasm, nor carry us to bed with great expectations for the next day. There is a disconnect between what we do for a living and how we feel about what we do for a living. If most of us should be honest with ourselves, we would realize that we do not have any passion for what we do for a living, and if we take a good look at our families, friends, and neighbors the same is true for most of them. That which we do for a living is the biggest consumer of our time and energy; we spend time preparing for work, we spend time commuting back and forth to work and we spend about a third or more of our day at work. But when we spend so much of our lives doing something that does not empower us, do not interest us and we are not passionate about then this will inevitably have a negative impact on us. Having a lack of passion for what we do for a living is disempowering, it drains our physical, mental, and emotional energies and replaces them with negative energies. And these negative energies in return spill over into other aspects of our lives and poison the rest of our lives with negativity. We carry these poisonous energies home with us and contaminate our relationships with our partners, families, and friends; we go to sleep with these negative energies and then go back to work compounding more negative energies on top of the negative energies that have already saturated our lives. I truly believe that a major source of societal unhappiness and stress stems from what we do for a living; to continuously do something that is disempowering, joyless and passionless will eat away at anyone’s happiness and well-being.

Capitalism is a greedy cannibalistic economical system which feeds on its workers, this greed also eats away at its own soul so that it has lost all compassion for its workers that it is feeding on. This system, rent us (our labors), misused us, and then discarded us as disposable waste objects. This system does not empower nor value us, and deep down within we know this to be true but we think that we are powerless to bring about any change. Oftentimes, that which we do for a living is in direct contrast with our passion and happiness; and by doing these joyless and passionless jobs, we are working against our own well being. To work against our passion or happiness is one of the most draining, self-defeating, and burdensome experience in life. Our renters (employers) are paying us to do what makes them happy, they are paying us to do what they are passionate about; they have no interest in how the work they are paying us to do affects our lives. We work in an economical system where grocery store workers cannot afford the very groceries that they are stacking up and bagging up, where workers are building houses that they cannot afford to call their homes, and mothers working at daycare centers that they cannot afford to send their own children. We are well season meats in the gluttonous eyes of these greedy capitalists that are eating into our physical, mental, and emotional energies. In this economic system, the love of money is paramount to everything else even people. And by falling in love with money, our renters (employers) took on the attributes of their lover (money) and became soul-less…heart-less. 

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