The fingerprints of violence: how violence shaped the world.

The first language of man was not the language of the tongue, it was not linguistic in nature but rather physical. Before mankind had learned to speak with their tongues, they were speaking with their fists, feet and any object that they could get a hold of. Violence was the first language of man, it came as natural to him as breathing. Mankind did not enter the world with any possession or wealth, if we should really delve into he history of the acquiring of wealth and trace it back to its origin we would come face to face with violence. Violence was used to acquired most of the world wealth, even a lot of the wealth in this present time. Throughout history, mankind had used violence for mainly two purposes: to acquire wealth and to gain control over other humans in order to shape societal power structure. Violence has left its finger prints on the female’s bodies; it is this very violence that had brought women under the control of men domestically and sexually. Violence had shaped the social position of women and it has used the female bodies to created the first steps on the ladder of social hierarchy and societal power structure. Bringing the female bodies under male hegemony through violence was an eureka moment ( triumphant discovery) for those who craved power; they had an epiphany that violence was an asset that could lead to the acquiring of power and other assets. The hunt was then on for the control of other human bodies.

The history of mankind was written with the ink of violence, it has left an indelible birthmark on human history. Violence had single-handedly shaped the entire world, nothing has done more to shape the world we live in than violence (though not for the good of the world). When Christopher Columbus and the criminals that were released from prisons in order to accompany him on his journey to the Americas had encountered the native people, they didn’t greet them with love and kindness. They greeted them with guns…violence. They used violence as an asset in order to expropriate all the other assets that the Americas had to offer; through violence, they took people, labor, lands, and resources. They used this very violence to gain control and dominion over black bodies, and they used it to leave a “trail of tears” through the violence that was perpetrated on the native people for their land. The fingerprint of violence is on the wealth of all nations, especially in the Americas. It was not money, intelligence, nor hard work that had brought about the origin of wealth. It was violence that originally brought about the wealth of the world; it was violence that originally decided who were landowners and who were landless. Who were slaves and who were kings; who were poor and who were rich? On many occasions, those who had used violence as an asset to expropriate the assets of others then turned around and became lawmakers who created laws and law enforcement to protect their stolen wealth from other potential robbers just Iike themselves. When I look at poor communities all over the world, I can also see violence being used as an asset, I can see some of these impoverished youths in these communities trying to monetize violence and use it to elevate themselves above their fellow impoverished brethren. I can see the “trail of tear” that violence has left behind throughout history and the tears are still flowing to this very day.

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