Hurt-quake: the life of an unhealed people.

Black people do not know what life in America is like without pain; pain and suffering have been the themes of our lives from 1619 to 2020. There has been no break… no reprieve for us in regard to our experiences with pain and suffering In America. We have been hurting for so long that our pains are no longer just personal experiences, our pains and sufferings were legalized; it had become established practice through laws and customs to inflict pain on black people and this is the definition of an institution. To inflict pain and suffering on black bodies had become an institution in and of itself. Black people’s pain is one of the oldest things in America; it is older than the founding fathers, it’s older than the constitution and it’s most definitely older than the national anthem. Only the institutions of marriage and religion can rival the aged institution of black people’s sufferings. This is why blue crimes (police crimes) against black bodies should not come as a surprise to us, it is ingrained in the psyche of this country to inflict pain on us. Many different groups of peoples have been through their own pains and sufferings throughout history but I cannot think of a pain that is as persistent and old as the pain that black people have been facing. Black people are hurt people, our hurt does not come and go; our hurt-quakes and it has been quaking since we have landed in America. This hurt-quake has shaken the foundation of every black life from generation to generation, this hurt-quake have destroyed many black families and this hurt-quake have taught us to redirect our hurt onto our already hurt black brothers and sisters. But this country has yet to heal the hurt that it has caused us to endure.

America is said to be a Christian nation, yet this country has ignored that hurt that it has been inflicting on black people since we had set foot in Jamestown, Virginia (in 1619). America has always imprisoned or confine black people in conditions that we always have to try to fight our way out of. We went from plantation prisons (slavery) to penitentiary prisons, to Jim Crow and ghetto confinements. We were never given a chance to live without systematic oppression, the system has always tried to stymie our physical, educational, economical, and political mobility and progress. They used laws to redlined us out of everything that’s good. They redlined us out of good housings, good schools, good jobs, good health care; and they redlined us out of America’s success — the success that we had built. We black people need a break from pain and suffering, it feels as if pain and suffering are the only constant things in our experiences in America. But why does America hates the people that gave birth to its wealth? How can they hate black women and black men that gave birth to white wealth? While they’re comfortably wrapped up in the wealth that we have created for them, we are being plagued by the pain of poverty that they have orchestrated for us. We have given birth to their wealth yet they hate us, and we have fought in all their wars to defend their interests yet they do not honor us. Some would ask about the great progress that we have made, to this I will leave them with the words of Malcolm X. “I will never say that progress is being made. If you stick a knife in my back nine inches and [ then] pull it out six inches, there is no progress. You pull it all the way out, that’s not progress. The progress is healing the wound that blows.”- Malcolm X.  

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