Inside the soul of a Christian nation: lovable words, unlovable acts

Setting their soul on heavenly matters while turning their eyes away from earthly struggles; this self-proclaim Christian nation has largely chosen to remain silent during some of the darkest times, oppressive acts, and social injustices that have plagued the nation. They have hung the cross up in their churches and on the walls in their homes but ignored the call of Christ to take up the cross and follow him. Instead of standing up to the darkness, they allowed the darkness to rock them to sleep; they preach lovable words while they have accepted the reign of unlovable acts both historically and presently in this nation. There are many more people that are blessed with Christian tongues that speak lovable words than those who are blessed with Christian minds and souls that take lovable actions. I have heard Christians asked, “what would Jesus do if he was living in this present state of society?” Jesus would have bear the cross of the poor and the oppressed in our society, he would not have open his soul to capitalistic greed while closing his eyes to the oppressor’s deeds. This self-proclaim Christian nation has been wooed by capitalistic greed to the point that it had become forgetful of its own Christian creed ” love your neighbors as you love yourself.” They asked, “what would Jesus do?” He would not live comfortably in a society where there is countless number of unoccupied buildings with unoccupied rooms yet there are so many homeless men, women, and children that are making their beds on the concrete streets. He would not be at peace going to bed full when there are many supermarkets, stores, and homes where food is going bad and at the same time children are going to sleep without anything to alleviate the pains of their hunger.

The lack of passion for justice in America has paved the way for all the past and present social injustices that have taken place in this nation. In this self-proclaim Christian nation, we are more concerned with feeding the soul of the man rather than feeding the physical aspect of the man. Too many of these clergymen spend too much time preaching about poetic justice that will happen after death (judgment day) and not enough time preaching about social injustices that are affecting us right now on earth. They spend too much time preaching about the Satan that dwells somewhere in the abyss and not enough time preaching about the Satans that are in our midst; the Satans that are in political offices that are creating oppressive laws, the Satans that are in the corporate offices that are exploiting and sucking the life out of working-class people. And they are silent about the Satans that are in the police departments that are leaving black bodies lifeless in the streets all over America. It has always been quizzical to me when those who are pro-life take a passionate stand on how precious life is in the womb yet they are silent when President Trump separated innocent children from their parents and put them in steel cages. Lovable words are not enough to solve the injustices that are plaguing the nation, we have to convert lovable words into lovable actions by practicing what we preach. The following story of Mahatma Gandhi is the perfect example of practicing what you preach: “Mahatma” she requested. ” please tell my little boy to stop eating sugar”
“come back in three days,” said Gandhi. Three days passed and the woman returned with her son. “young boy, stop eating sweets. They are not good for you,” Gandhi said to the little boy. Puzzled the woman asked, “why did you asked us to leave and come back in three days” I don’t understand.”
” I asked you to return with the boy in three days,” replied the leader “because three days ago, I too was eating sweet. I could not ask him to stop eating sweets so long as I had not stopped eating sweets.”  

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