What if she was King?

As I revisit the annals of history, trace its trajectory, and analyze the actions of its actors, I can see the common thread of masculine egos weaving humanity into male hegemony and patriarchal rule. Almost all the events that had shaped humanity were written with masculinity, men had largely been successful in sidelining women from having any leadership role and have coronated themselves lords of the human race. Male hegemony has steered humanity down the part of females’ repression and put them in a secondary position. It had brokered the deal of the Atlantic slave trade and steered it ships into the darkness of history. It had increased the population of the grave with its wars for its conquest of more power and control over the human race. But what if we had lived in an alternate reality where women were coronated kings and rulers of humanity? If she was King, would the feet of history stepped toward a different destiny and the annals of history written with different actions and decisions? It is not possible to know what she would have done in yesterdays’ past but we can find out what she is capable of doing in tomorrow’s future. She has been said to be the weaker of the two sexes, and it has been said that she is not fit to lead…to be king; but these are factoids, not facts of life. Who is more fit, ready, and able to govern life than the mother of life, the birther of life, the gestation of life, the incubator of life, and the nurturer of life? Of the two sexes, women have a more intimate relationship with life; they have the unique ability and honor to experience life in all its stages of development. They feel the movement of life from within before men know that life is being formed, this gestation period of life in the womb is the most intimate experience of life that only women can experience. She readjusted her body for the growth and movement of life, humanity move in her and this moved her emotionally and mentally, but we have misconstrued these loving reactions to life as innate weakness of hers. Maybe if males were able to feel the movement of life within their own bodies as women are able to do, they would be moved to be better leaders of humanity.

His lust kneels in salute and worship of her physical beauty, yet he repressed and rejected her mental and emotional intelligence and won’t give her a chance to rule. But being that women have a more intimate and sacred relationship with life than men, and they know and experience life in a way that men are not capable of; I am inclined to believe that they would have steered humanity towards a different destiny than the one that patriarchal rule is to push us toward. Being that life had gestated in her womb, I think that she would have steered more live away from the tomb. Being that her inner body is the only meal for life in utero and her outer body introduced us to the milk of life, it would be difficult for me to imagine that she could reign over the plague of hunger. And if she was an African chief that was in power at the time of the transatlantic slave trade, would she had sold her fellow Africans for guns and whiskey? And would she had been as heartless as Hitler, as vicious as Mussolini, and as evil, as the slave traders and slave owners if she was in their shoes? The answers to these questions of how she would have ruled the world I cannot answer with any certainty. But what we should realize is that women are not just human beings, they are worlds in and of themselves, they are worlds within the world. They are worlds with life forming within them, sleeping within them, eating within them… feeding on them. Their bodies are mankind’s first homes and shelters that protect us. Life has coronated her to be its natural governor, not might. Men are usurpers of power, through might they have forced themselves into the leadership position, but she is a living natural protector, provider, and governor. She is a life true natural king.  

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