Love & Happiness

Both are the most sought-after experiences in life, the pantheon that we put on top of our emotional pedestal; and to most of us, the marrying of love and happiness into one reality is the holy grail of all experiences. Both are imbued with magnetic properties that attract us to the source of our affection and joy, which also attracted them to each other. Sometimes love and happiness is so intertwined with each other that we see them as one and we’ve come to expect to find them on the same path in life. But love and happiness have different qualities and exist on different emotional wavelengths, which caused them at times to journey on different paths. It’s a common mistake to believe that we will always find love and happiness on the same path in life; sometimes love travels and dwells in unpleasant places that happiness isn’t willing to explore. Love has an unafraid quality that happiness lack, it’s unafraid to travel through hell and face the crucible test in life for the sake of love. Happiness, on the other hand, has a prey-like quality; it’s always on the alert for any signs of trouble and the moment there is any ripple in the fabric of life, it will take flight. It has an adverse reaction to anything in life that lies outside the realm of comfortability, so it travels down the path of least resistance in order to gain the most pleasant experience that life has to offer. At times both love and happiness cross paths, giving us some of the most climatic experiences in our life; but due to the ever-on-coming trials that life throws in our paths, they’re often forced to take diverging paths.

Being that love is versatile, it’s able to adapt to the un-beautiful conditions and circumstances of life, and it’s able to absorb the pain of the person it loves, yet still, maintain its beauty. But the inflexibility of happiness to the seasons of life caused it to be more transient than love; it’s season-oriented, everything has to be aligned just right before we can roll out the red carpet for its season debut. Love is season less, it transcends all the seasons of life; there was never a time when love didn’t have time to express its love, to whom it loves. Happiness is a short-distance sprinter that doesn’t have the same emotional stamina as love; this is why we’re able to be in love for years and even decades, while it’s unheard of for anyone to be uninterruptedly happy for years and decades. Some of us are more oriented toward love than happiness, while others are more oriented toward being happy than being in love; we’re prone to take on the qualities of the one that we’re more oriented towards, and this helps to determine how we approach our relationships. When the honeymoon phase of life comes to an end and the trials of life begin, those who are oriented toward happiness will make their exit on the highway of no return. But those who are oriented towards love are more mentally and emotionally equip to accompany us on the unpleasant paths that lie ahead; paths that no feet can avoid during our journey in life. If you have to choose between living your life without ever experiencing happiness or living your life without ever experiencing love, which would you choose? And why?

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