Why are we here?

We’re beings that were born into the unsolved mystery of life, a mystery that swaddled us in doubts and caused us to be possessed by the question; why are we here? If we listen closely we could hear our inner voice asking this question, and feel the uneasiness of our subconscious mind, being plagued by this doubt. Are we here to be hunters of the earth treasures, pillaging her natural beauty for our own greedy pleasures? Are we here just to rent our labor in order to maintain our existence on earth as long as possible? Look at us! Working outside of our passion, which is draining our joy. Drowning in the worries of materialism, drowning in debts as our hunger grows for a greater share of the American dream, and drowning in sweat to fulfill this dream. But even when we do realize this dream, we’re still being nagged by the question that possesses us, why are we here? Are we here to be spelled bound by the magic of love and find a special person to whom we say I do? Some of us believe that our purpose in life is to find someone special to share our lives with, become one in matrimony, and start a family tree that extends the branch of our lives beyond the grave. But sometimes not even the rapture of love isn’t sufficient to smooth over the nagging question that possesses us; why are we here? Many of us are convinced that we’re here on a self-discovery mission, one that’s meant to prepare us for the next life. We were given a name to serve as a guide to help us find ourselves, but rather it turns out to be a mask that took us farther away from self-discovery, yet drew us closer to our ego. We were also Christen in the knowledge of religiosity, which points us to a being whose existence is more mysterious than ours. Here we are told that we were made in the image of the most mysterious being in existing, a being that no one had beheld; with this revelation, our self-discovery mission was a stone wall and we were deemed an unsolved mystery.

No one answer is sufficient for a question of this magnitude; each of us may be here for different individual purposes, but our primary purpose is to enjoy life. There are more regrets in the grave than there are corpses, yet not being able to have enjoyed life to the fullest is the biggest of them all. Joy is an emotional inheritance that life had bequeathed to us; it’s an emotional currency that’s meant to be spent in full as we make our journey through life. But the worries of the world and its paper currency had tax our joy and cheated us from enjoying life to the fullest. We’ve become so civilized that we have sophisticated ourselves away from the simple experiences in life, yet it’s simplicity that oxygenated the joy of being. Why are we here? Not too complicated the simplicity of life, not to make sophistication suffocate the joy of being, and not to cheat ourselves from the priceless experiences of life. We’ve become so greedy that we have even put a price on enjoying the natural beauty of life and price ourselves out of joy. Why are we here? We’re here for many reasons but none more important than to spend the emotional currency of joy on the priceless beauty of life.

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