A love story between man and money.

In the beginning, man was without the inked paper that’s called money, but his trade in goods and services was limited without her presence; so he said “let us create an instrument in the image of our greed.” When he first behold this image of his greed, he was sold and instantly fell in love with her artificial beauty. And even though she wasn’t as naturally beautiful as gold, her artificial beauty allow her to be more readily available, exchangeable, investable, savable, and replicable than gold could ever be. She was an instant success and quickly became a global phenomenon. With the advent of this new form of money, everything became more marketable; the world was put on sale and the for sale sign was put on people, places, and things — nothing was exempted from being priced. She is the perfect match for the greed of man, and it had never crossed his mind to cheat her of what she’s worth nor divorce himself from her presence, the two of them have become one. Man had even gone as far as legalizing his love for this monetary beauty, by making her legal tender; he has prohibited society from discriminating against her artificial beauty and accept her where she chooses to flaunt her worth. She has become the “the promised men live by.” Money has monopolized the life of man, she has become his food, clothes, shelter, and medicine; even his thoughts, emotions and actions had become moneyed.

Now that the fate of the world is wrapped up in this monetary promise, we cannot do anything without her being present. Money is the difference between being at home or being homeless, living a healthy or an unhealthy life, being protected or unprotected by societal injustices. The world mimics the flow of money, wall street religiously studies her every movement; when she rises, the spirit of wall street also rises but when she falls the world holds its breath as it parallels her fall. Nothing had ever captivated the mind of man than this monetary beauty, his awakened thoughts are about increasing her presence and he goes to bed worrying about all the ways in which he could lose her essence. The religious pay more attention to the ink on this paper than the ink on the pages on their holy books. Politicians can be found with their hands in her pockets; they rendezvous with her infancy places and never failed in putting her interests above the interests of their constituents. Many have said I do, with money on their minds, and many had also split from each other because there wasn’t enough of her to share. The life of man revolves around monetary worth, this inked paper is now the center of his life and sets the standard of his living. Money has become the love of man’s life, he loves this inanimate paper more than the animated flesh of his fellow brethren. If life was a romance novel, the relationship between man and money would be the most beautiful love story that has ever been written; but life wasn’t written with the ink of romance. When the book of life is finished with all its writings, it will sum up the relationship between man and money as follow: Man was the creator of money but along the way, he had lost his reasoning and allow money to become the master of him.

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