A letter to my future.

Dear Future:

I know that you’re the mother of countless tomorrows, with each tomorrow gestating its own futurities that will be awaiting me; this makes you the fiduciary of my destiny. Within you lie the twin realities of good and bad times, that you will eventually birth into my life. I await you, just as a soon-to-be father awaits the birth of his unborn child, but I do so with the mixed emotions of excitement and fear. With excitement, I eagerly await to see all the unknown places and unknown faces that you will introduce into my life. Unknown faces that will become as familiar as mine and help to shape the journey of my life. But the unknown of your futurities also arose a slight fear within me; the natural type of fear that comes along with facing the uncertainties of a future that’s alien to me. You’re also the fiduciary of my love, within you lie the one that I have yet to meet. A woman whose ambiance is emanating with sincerity, that’s able to seep through my masculine guard and gain access to my vulnerabilities. And even though you’ve not yet allowed us to meet; I sometimes wonder about her present realities and how they will come to be intertwined with mine. With all people come to a certain lesson of life, I hope that with her comes the lesson of unadulterated love. While you’re deciding when is the right time to introduce her to me, I will be preparing the emotional room that’s needed to welcome into my life, the one that I have yet to meet.

To my future self; I hope that my past missteps will not affect the placement of your future footsteps and cheat you from experiencing the best that the future has to offer. Being that your time is not yet born, it’s incumbent upon me to be the father of your destiny; so I hope that the path that I’m paving in this present reality will lead you into tomorrows that are better than my yesterdays. But being that the future is a matrix of uncertainties that are not yet known to this present reality, it would be presumptuous of me to tell you that the path I’m paving for you will be welcoming to your every step. Knowing that you will be the inheritor of my present state of being; I have devoted myself to the healthy lifestyle of exercising and eating right, so that you may inherit the wealth of my health. And I’m cleansing my emotions of their wounds to reduce the vestige of my emotional scars, so that you may have cathartic experiences in the coming tomorrow. It’s important for you to remember that people are the true treasure of life, the epicenter of joy, and the threads in the fabric of your destiny. Therefore it would be wise of you to find a cause that’s greater than your selfishness, one that will unburden the burden, uplift the broken, and express love to the unloved in society. It’s also important for you to know that the future will not be sorrow-free; sorrow is a bridge that you’ll have to cross on multiple occasions throughout your life but you should never tarry on it long enough to point that it feels as if it’s your home. Life is a mixture of tears and laughter; it’s incumbent upon you to prevent the tears of your life from overrunning and drowning out your laughter.

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