People: the medicine to our soul.

Mankind had lived without running water, electricity, clothing, and other amenities before but we’ve never lived without the comfort of each other nor can we afford to live without it. Life’s greatest gift to us isn’t electronic gadgets that drain our attention, it’s not the transportations that we use to travel the world, nor the assets that we hoarded for ourselves, but rather the irreplaceable presence of people. People are inextricably linked to our every experience in life; it’s people who give life its meaning, not the money in our pockets nor the gadgets in our hands. The presence of people reveals the immaterial richness of our humanity; it allows us to emotionally taste the sweetness of love, feel the thrilling effect of joy and heal us from the social sickness of loneliness. Life would lose its purpose without the interaction with others, the rays of the sun wouldn’t be able to energize us the same, the air we breathe would cheapen with a feeling of emptiness, and the break of dawn would wake us up to hopelessness. Everything we do in life centers around our interaction with others; our careers, goals in life, even our love and happiness are inextricably linked to the lives of others. People give our lives reason.

People are the forgotten offsprings of nature. We’ve become so used to being in awe with the stars, moon, oceans, and the other sceneries of nature that are apart from us, that we’ve forgotten to appreciate our scenic beauty. When nature gave birth to us, it impregnated us with the expressive forces of thoughts and feelings, which caused us to develop the social need to interact and express ourselves to each other. The presence of people are medicine to our soul, but as with all medicines it sometimes has harmful effects on our lives; yet its overall medicinal benefits outweigh its harm to us. Only the eyes of people can truly appreciate our humanity, without these eyes to recognize us, we may be in doubt our human existence. We need the ears of people to serve as a soundboard for our thoughts and give meaning to our voices, and we need their voices to serenade our existence. And we crave the suppleness of human touch as the desert craves the moistness of raindrops. We live to enjoy life with people more so than things, it wasn’t technology nor the cold metal of gold that served as our pillow when we were in need of comfort but rather shoulders of humanity. People are rich with beautiful experiences and those who tap into them will enjoy the true riches of life.

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