His-story & Her-story.

Life is a delicate balance between the different forces within ourselves and nature, but instead of harmonizing these forces, we humans tend to promote their disharmony. Within man lies a feminine reality that he had buried, a reality that’s seen through the lens of masculinity as weakness, so he refuses to embrace it. The internal suppression of the women that’s within man had manifested itself in the external oppression of her in the flesh. The moment man suppresses the female within him, he begins to secrete a high level of masculine toxicity that not only affects the woman that’s within himself but also the woman that’s within his arms. This masculine toxicity is the driving force behind his obsession with being on top of her in every possible way; he subjugated her physically, cheated her financially, and disenfranchised her politically. He has been on top for so long that he convinced himself that this is the natural order of life, not his own invented hierarchical construct. Femininity is the inner strength of humanity that wrestles with man’s unruly internal forces, keeping them in harmony within himself; while masculinity is the outer strength of his humanity that wrestles with the external forces of nature, keeping them in harmony with his existence. But man prioritized his outer masculine strength over his inner feminine strength, which put him at odds with his own human nature. And being that maleness refuses to embrace the femaleness of its human nature, it finds itself stuck in the cradle of infancy, not yet ready to reach the fullness of its manhood.

Although his–story was written in books, taught in schools, and etched in monuments, her–story was etched in his body and written in his mitochondrial DNA (maternally inherited DNA). Before he was born into a man’s world, his maleness was gestating in the world of femininity; where he was in oneness with her state of being. He danced to the rhythm of her feminine reality; when she ate so did he, when she went hungry, he felt the pain of her hunger. And he also felt her happiness and emotional pains because she informed him hormonally about her state of being while he was living within her world — his first world. She was his first world, his first encounter with reality; and it was the strength of her femininity that had fought through the pain of labor to introduce his maleness into the world. She put him first when he was in her world, yet she was wrestled into a secondary position in his world, where the right of her body was co-opted by the might of his. But if he had cared to listen, he would’ve heard her voice crying out from under his masculine burden, asking him “Am I, not a woman, the mother that gestated your manhood, birth you, and nursed you? Am I not your sister that walked step by step with you in infancy and knew you best? And am I not your lover, the keeper of her secrets and the caresser of your weakness?” The tapestry of humanity is the interwoven threads of femininity and masculinity that hold it together; if one is pulled, it unravels the entirety of humanity.

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