The other side.

Life isn’t like the moon that only shows us one side of itself while leaving its other sides shrouded in darkness; although it doesn’t show us all of itself at once, it’s always unfolding so that we can experience its other sides. As life unfolds the different sides of itself in our lives, it tends to cause some of the people in our lives to show us their other sides as well; and sometimes we will get blindsided by those who are closest to us. Betrayal is the blind side of life that creeps upon us at the most vulnerable time in our lives, leaving us deserted on the emotional island of distrust. Betrayal is the other side of intimacy; it’s the heavy price we have to pay for misjudging the character of those who we’ve allowed to gain access to our trust. But just as the birch, maple, and other deciduous trees that shed their old leaves seasonally so that they can develop anew; betrayal allows us to reset our lives and flush our emotional body of all the toxic lies that the betrayer has left behind. It also helps us to mature emotionally and develop a new view on life so that it’s easier for us to decipher the other side of those who will try to gain access to our trust in the coming tomorrows of our lives.

If love should completely unfold itself and show us its hidden side, we would realize that love is infested with fears, which censor the purity of its expression. Fear is the emotional alarm of love, we’re incapable of loving without the fear of losing that which we love. Fear is the twin sister of love, she knows the deepest worries of our love; but at times fear sets off a false alarm, causing us to prematurely extinguish the emotional spark we had for the person we were falling in love with. Sometimes fear prevents us from loving people who are different from us, it pigeonholes our love into emotional familiarity; leaving us unfamiliar with the emotional feelings of those who are different from us, which causes us to exclude them from our compassion. And it’s this lack of compassion that introduces us to the other side of injustice — silence. Silence stands on the wrong side of justice, making it part of the inner circle of injustice. Injustice needs silence to stand by its side so that it can justify its crimes; the unspoken words of silence give injustice the means of support it needs to perpetuate its wrongs. Many of us choose to remain silent while injustice reign, we see silence as taking a neutral stand that doesn’t pick any sides. But the neutrality of silence fuels injustice, making it a silent partner that sides against justice. Nothing in life is monolithic, everything has multiple sides; so whatever we choose in life, we should bear in mind that we’re also choosing its other side.

2 thoughts on “The other side.

  1. You are a very good writer and I really understood this post! It touches a bit on the principle of polarity actually which is something that I have been into recently and really helps us to understand what the fine line is between opposites; i.e. how one cannot exist without the other, etc. Great post!

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