Simplicity: the native language of life.

Simplicity is the native language of life that translates its truest meaning without adding nor taking away anything from its essence; it’s the effortless flow of life that allows it to express itself uninterruptedly. It allows the heart to dances to the perfect rhythm of life without even being choreographed, the sun to effortlessly shines its rays of vitamin D to energize the natural flow of life. And the clouds impregnate themselves with water, giving birth to the rich liquid element which nourishes the earth, sustains life, and extinguishes thirst. Nature simplifies our lives and provides us with natural amenities without charging us a price. We don’t have to climb the mountain top of sophistication to experience the finest qualities of life; such as love, peace, and happiness. They’re natives of the reachable plain of simplicity. But life seems meaningless to us humans if we’re not able to complexify its completion; we’re obsessed with complicating everything we encounter in life. We complicated our mind with the concept of time, transforming it into a mental race track that’s unable to be still so that it can appreciate the only guarantee in life — the present moment. The finest things in life are wrapped up in the bosom of simplicity, but being that our mind has been transformed into a mental race track, we tend to pass them by in search of the more grandiose experiences in life.

Some things in life weren’t meant to be paid for with laborious effort, but being that we’ve become so accustomed to sweating for everything in life, we’ve convinced ourselves that we’ve to pay for the finest experiences through our effort. Life didn’t mean for us to pay for the experiences of love, peace, and happiness with our sweat; they were meant to be as natural to us as the oxygen that our lungs effortlessly pull from the air and as leaves come naturally to the branches of the trees. But the mind of humanity has forgotten how to express itself in life’s native tongue (simplicity), so it takes on a complicated foreign language that adulterated the true meaning of life. We’ve convinced ourselves that we can lure love, peace, and happiness into our lives through our achievements and by adding more things into our lives. But instead of luring these experiences into our lives with material things, we often find them buried under the weight of our greed. Life isn’t a recipe that’s missing the ingredient of material riches, there’s nothing that we can add to life that doesn’t already belong to it; it’s a life that gives riches their meaning, not the other way around. Simplicity was a life-designated caretaker until the human mind gave life a complicated touch.

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