The meaning we give to life.

Where can we find the meaning of life and how does the meaning of life affect how we feel about life? Mankind had searched the pages of books for the meaning of life for centuries yet it has managed to evade us and we’ve searched the heavens but our myopic vision fell short of grasping its enigmatic meaning. But before we can grasp the meaning of life, we’ve to first find out what gives life its meaning. Life doesn’t have any innate meaning hidden within itself; nor does it resides within the limited boundaries of definitions. It’s not the life that we draw meaning from but rather from our minds; life doesn’t define itself to us, we defined it to ourselves. The mind is the well from which all meanings are drawn; every time we flip through the pages of books to find the meaning of life, we’re flipping through the thoughts of minds. But being that life is too infinite for the mind to digest whole, it has to chew on it piece by piece until it’s fine enough to mentally digest as a finite experience. Meanings are finite mental clothing that we try to fit on the infinite reality of life; although in reality they never fit the true essence of life is, our mentality stretches its imagination until we convinced ourselves that they’re the perfect match. Life doesn’t subject itself to the meanings of our mind nor does its essence change because of these mental phrases. Although these mental meanings don’t affect life, it does affect how we feel about life.

For most of us, how we feel about life is more important than what life means to us; for instance, the feeling of happiness is more important to us than its meaning. Why should we care about the meaning of happiness when we can bask in its exhilarating feeling? And what do the meanings we give to life have to do with how we feel about life? We should care about the meaning of happiness because there will come a time when happiness loses its smile and its joyous feeling finds itself drowning in the grief of sorrow; leaving behind only the memory of what happiness once meant to us. We should care about the meaning of happiness because mental meanings and emotional feelings are different states of the same reality. It’s said that we’re what we eat, but it’s also true that we emotionally feelings whatever we mentally digest in our lives. The mental meanings that we give to life are caterpillars that butterflies into the emotional feelings we experience in life. The mind is the only oasis where we can find the meaning of life (the meaning which it gives to life), it prides itself on defining the perimeters of life, but by doing so it also defines the perimeter of its joy. Meanings are the mental perimeters that we set on life; they’re the narrow mental lenses through which we obtained an incomplete picture of life which translate into the nagging incomplete feelings that haunt us.

2 thoughts on “The meaning we give to life.

  1. True that it should be more about feeling because sometimes what logically fits doesn’t satisfy us! And those logics, reasons or meanings are unknown to us they are not us, they’re all also man made so why not another for ourselves because we all came here to live our way not those who came centuries ago or decades ago!

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