Happy woman on the sunset in nature in summer with open hands

We’ve misplaced the problems we’ve in our lives by misdiagnosing life with these problems, but if we should do a self-diagnosis, it would reveal that these problems lie with us. One of the problems we’ve in our lives is that we see ourselves as having a life rather than being life, this caused us to mentally separate ourselves from life, so instead of seeing life as a blessing, we see it as a problem that needs to be solved. But just as the venom of a snake is not venomous to the snake, the problems of life are not problematic to live; they’re only problematic to us humans because we’ve mentally separated ourselves from life by trying to be its possessor. This misdiagnosis of who we’re caused us to develop the unhealthy approach of trying to control life, which includes the people we encounter in our lives. This is my body, my child, my husband, my wife, my life; we don’t know how to live without claiming ownership of life. Most of us have never experienced life without the fear that controls us, we live our fear more than we live our truth; this is because the purpose of fear is to mask and control the truth. Therefore, for us to control life, we would have to find a way to strip it of its truth so that we could live our lives. The truth is that we’re afraid to face life as it’s, we rather see life the way we want it to be, so we try to bend it under our control. But control is fear trying to disguise itself as strength; by trying to control life, we’ve given fear the authority to reign over our lives. whatever we try to control in life, we will have a conflict with; having a conflict with life has caused us to forfeit our peace.

Although we were taught by the sages of old that there’s a reason for everything in life, sometimes it’s best if we listen to our inner voice to help us pave our paths rather than tracing the footsteps of others. If we should do a further self-diagnosis, we would find that it’s erroneous for us to believe that there’s a reason for everything in life. By believing that’s a reason for everything in life, we’ve often found ourselves waiting for a reason to be happy, waiting for the right time to be happy, and waiting for the right person to be happy with. We’ve buried our happiness with our mental reasoning and have handcuffed it to a season, but happiness doesn’t owe its existence to man-made reasoning, nor is its tie to the circumstances of any season. By doing a deeper self-diagnosis, we would find that we’re suffering from becoming, trying to become who we think we should be. As living beings, life meant for us to enjoy the richness of being, not to wait on the inheritance of uncertainty that comes with becoming. There’s no pause button on life, so while we’re waiting to become who we think we should be, we miss out on the fullness of what life is. We live life base on how we see ourselves, if we see ourselves as a lie, then that lie will become the problem we will have to solve; not life.

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