Pimping labor

When labor first came into contact with the wealth of the earth, wealth was covered with crudeness and was unbecoming to the eyes; it was the labor that unearthed wealth and polished its crudeness with its sweat until wealth is enriched with usable and exchangeable values. But once wealth was ready to be enjoyed and satisfy the wants and needs of the working majority, the wealthy few came down from their high places to wrestle control of it away from its rightful own — the workers. The wealthy few are economic pimps, that drain the sweat of the working majority and luxuriate in the profit of their sweat; they taste the fruit of labor a week before the workers can cash their check. The wealthy few have convinced the working majority that if they work hard and allow them to exploit their labor, wealth will trickle down into their lives, but the workers have come to realize that the only thing that has been trickling down is the sweat that is trickle-down their backs. Just like sexual pimps, economic pimps have used their leverage to subject the workers of the world to wealth bearing while they put themselves in charge of wealth sharing. Although it’s labor that gave birth to wealth, the workers who sweat it into existence were never fairly compensated for all the complications that they’ve endured during wealth bearing.

The wealthy few have designed a paternalistic economy, where the working majority dependent on them to make a living, and have to follow the rules that these economic pimps have set regarding how the economic game must be played. Making money is a game that the wealthy few can afford to play on wall street, but it has created conditions that are out of touch with the reality of the working majority. These conditions tend to put the working majority behind the ever-changing realities of life; their wages lag behind profits, their bills lag behind the cost of living, and their passions in life lag behind that which they do for a living. Every day the workers of the world give birth to wealth that deflates their worth, taxes their lives energy and cheats them of a healthy lifestyle, While the sweat-less wealthy few increase their worth and get credit for the birth of wealth. But in reality, wealth is an island that’s surrounded and fed by a sea of sweat, without this sea of sweat, the island of wealth would become a fruitless desert. Sweat is the unappreciated asset of the working majority that the economic pimps of the world have devalued and liquidated in order to feed their life style of greed. In the eyes of society sexual pimps are seen as criminals that take sexual advantage of the bodies of women, yet these same scrutinizing eyes of society don’t see anything wrong with economic pimps taking economic advantage of the worker’s bodies. Society has reevaluated the true worth of labor and enact laws that prevent the wealthy few from pimping labor.

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