Emotionalized love

We, humans, have mastered the art of externalizing our thoughts and imaginations into observable realities, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and the houses in which we live are all physical expressions of our minds. In the same way that our thoughts and imaginations physicalized themselves into our lives, the emotional feeling of love can also physicalize itself into visible actions and measurable sacrifices. Yet some of us have never seen the love that others have professed to us, we’ve only been serenaded by the beautiful words of emotionalized love and its IOU promises that have long passed their due dates. In the same way that water in its gaseous form is unable to quench our thirst, love in its emotionalized form is unable to quell our doubts regarding its sincerity. Being that emotionalized love is invisible to our eyes, we tried in earnest to ferret it out from its emotional stronghold to bear witness of its sincerity; we search for signs of this internalized love through the confession of words, the passion of kiss and caressing of touch. But we’ve emotionalized love to the point that love has become an emotional spectator that cordoned off itself from the realities of life, causing it to be rich with passion yet poor in actions. Sometimes a gap arises between the love we feel and the love we live, where the love we feel is only able to talk the talk but unable to walk the walk of love.

Emotionalize love is a personal experience that can only be experienced by the person who’s experiencing it, but love wasn’t meant to be a one-person experience, it was meant to be a shared experience between two or more people. Many people have fallen in love with the feeling of love but not the doings of love, their love has become a permanent emotional resident that has alienated itself from the struggles that their loved ones face in life. Sometimes we find ourselves in love with someone unable to love us beyond the emotional feeling of love, someone who’s addicted to the emotional high of love but excluded himself or herself from the lows of our lives. But true love is not only an internal feel-good experience for us as individuals, it’s also an external healing experience when it’s express to those who we love. Love isn’t an emotional secret that hides from those who it loves; it’s more like a publicist that turns itself inside out, externalizing its internal feels to erase all doubts concerning its authenticity. The boundary of emotionality is too narrow for the extensive-expression of love; true Love will never reduce itself to be just an emotional feeling, it will always find ways to manifest itself into our lives as a concrete reality.

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