Teerasak Ainkeaw/EyeEm/Getty Images

Teardrops are more common to the faces of humanity than raindrops are to the surface of the earth, yet it’s easier to see the raindrops that come from the clouds above than to see the teardrops that leak out of the pain that lies within people. The tears of life take a turn visiting the eyes of all, at every given moment in life some faces are being transformed into a river bed of tears. The world is an ocean of invisible tears that hides its teardrops from public sight and weep in silence outside of the earshot of concerning ears, at times causing us to mistakenly believe that tears of friends and love ones have entered the dry season of happiness. Although we don’t always see the pain of others, the season of tears comes into everyone’s life at different times and for different reasons. Tears of broken hearts flow silently throughout the world, as countless people are in distress to find out that they’ve invested their honest emotions and spent valuable time getting intimate in a relationship that turns out to be a well-masked lie. Homeless faces shed hopeless tears, as they make the shelterless and windowless streets their homes, with concrete pillows that echo the sound of unconcerned footsteps. Tears of regrets swell the eyes of humanity because we’ve cheated ourselves from fully enjoy the lives of loved ones that are no longer alive, so we turned to our imagination to ask the unasked questions, tell them untold stories, and make unspoken apologies for the unspent time we never had with them.

The human face is ambidextrous, the same face that cries today will smile tomorrow and sometimes it will borrow the sorrows of yesterday’s pain, which dampen the mood of today’s joy. There will be times in life where it seems as if the tears of today have washed away all hopes of tomorrow, but we should bear in mind that the dawns of life’s tomorrows have a way of turning the seriousness of today’s tears into the lightness of tomorrow’s laughter. The closer the tears of our pain are to the present moment, the more likely we’re to misjudge their effects on our lives; but as the arms of time distance these tears from our worrying minds, it will become clear that some of our tears in life didn’t worth sleepless nights. No matter the reason for our tears, we should realize that all tears will enter into their dry season, where we will see the hurtful meaning of tears with new perspectives. The dry season of our tears will help us to realize that the cloud of darkness doesn’t always appear in our lives to rain on our joy, but at times it serves as a precursor to a new beginning; one that will change our lives for the better. Sometimes in life, the tears that we taught were meant to drown us will carry us to the shore of our destiny, where we will discover the true purpose of our lives and finally get to cry tears of joy.

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