They say….

They say that life was an unplanned cosmic birth, leftover debris form from a cosmic accident (the big bang) that occurred billions of years ago, of which they’ve yet to find the cause. And they say that after this cosmic accident which gave birth to life, we were rescued from the cosmic debris by the invisible hands of natural selection which rescued the strongest among us while leaving behind the weakest, who were deemed unsalvageable in a world where only the fittest of the fittest can survive. But if life is a cosmic accident as they say, then thoughts are ruin fragments that void substance and love a cosmic mistake that was never meant to be. If life is a cosmic accident as they say, then why are we so quick to condemn the mental accident of each other and take credit for intellectual properties that we’ve accidentally discovered in the cosmic wreck? They say that God created the universe from nothing, but a thing cannot be altered from the essence from which it came. Just as whatever is made of clay remains clay, no matter how many times we shape it and whatever came from wood remains wood, no matter how well we polish and furnish it; whatever came from nothing remains nothing. If the universe was created out of nothing then the universe is nothingness just simply having a dream of all that it would like to be. And they say that God won’t give a man more than what he can bear, but what about the innocent children throughout the world that are bearing the coffins of senseless wars?

They say that we human beings are the most intelligent being on the earth, yet we’ve done more unintelligent things than the unintelligent beasts; such as, poisoning the air we breathe, the water that we drink, the food that we eat, and the earth that we need. Human intelligence has become a plague to the health of the earth; we’re the only beings on the face of the earth that take from it more than what we need. We’ve also used our intelligence to plague each other with ideological conflicts and by trying in earnest to peer pressure each other to see life through the lens of our own myopic eyes. They say, has become the international anthem of the world to which we mentally kneel and surrender our mental responsibilities to think and question life for ourselves. From an early age, I had joined the choir of what they say and sang the chorus of what they say, as if they were the gospel of truth, but I have come to realize that what they say were nothing more than tales of unproven guesses. And although these guesses from scientists are educational and beliefs from religious people are personal, we should realize that whatever they say comes from minds that are still in the search for their origin. But in the end, it doesn’t matter what I say, you say, nor they say; the mysteries of life cannot be summarized by the words that flow from our tongue nor the thoughts we surmised in our mind. Whether we came from the dust of the stars or were created from the dirt of the earth, they don’t know.

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