The wealth of health

Health is the forgotten treasure of life, its richness is taken for granted until the debilitating effects of sickness remind us of its true value, by making us into spectators that cannot participate in the fullness of life. Health is the current that allows the rhythm of life to flow, and the currency that we spend to do the things in life that we want and need to do. Man gives meaning to wealth but it’s health that gives meaning to man; life takes on the meaning of health. It’s easy for the richness of our material wealth to be lost in the poorness of our physical health; without the wellness of health, everything in life would be a poor and unpleasant experience. Wealth comes in many forms, but all wealth is secondary to the wealth of health; it’s health that gives all wealth in life their value and gives us the strength to enjoy their pleasures. Yet most people only appreciate wealth in its minted and printed forms, so they find themselves in a constant chase after minted and printed wealth while neglecting the wealth of their health. And although health is the most precious treasure that life has to offer, it’s the least sought-after treasure in life, simply because we humans have reduced the value of life treasures to anything that can fit within the hollowness of our pockets.

The human body has been turned into an instrument for creating wealth for the wealthy few; and during the process of creating this wealth, society has taxed the health of the human body far more than they’ve tax the wealth of the well to do. We can find human beings in the coal mines that blacken their lungs, in sweatshops that overused their strength while neglecting their health, and in the front line of a global sickness, creating wealth for those who don’t care about their wellbeing. But while the wealthy are taxing the health of human bodies, they’re busy lobbying their friends in Congress, persuading them not to tax their wealth in the same way that they (the wealthy) are taxing the health of their workers. The world has put more value on material wealth than it does on the wealth of health, failing to realize that health is a priceless experience, which is incomparable to minted coins and printed papers that are lifeless. Health is the asset that gives us access to both the material and immaterial riches of life; without health, wealth would be a meaningless souvenir that only enriches our human ego. Without the wealth of health, life would be a bankrupted experience that taxing the joy of our being, so when we count the riches of our lives, we should make sure that we include in our count, the wealth of our health.

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