The mask of pretense.

Pretense was naturally weaved into the fabric of our human nature; from early childhood, we were trying on playful masks of made believe, but as we’ve become more conscious of the judgemental eyes of others, we started to wear the mask of acceptance so that we could ward off the social death of rejection. Social death is just as frightening to us social beings as physical death, but unlike physical death, social death is avoidable by wearing the mask of acceptance, which hides the aspect of our humanity that society has rejected. While the wearing of a mask prevents us from facing the rejection of social death, it causes us to bury our self-truth, not allowing us to breathe the refreshing air of sincerity; but whenever we lose our sincerity, we also lose our identity. The wearing of a mask is self-rejection for the sake of public acceptance; many people would rather be an accepted lie that’s embrace by society than a rejected truth that endures its scorn. The fear of social death has forced many of us to live a dualistic life, an outward made believe life, painted with lies for onlooking eyes and an inward reality that we cannot hide from our own mental eyes. Eyes are like cameras, people act according to the expectations that are written within their persuasive lenses; the judgemental lenses of the human eyes have stripped the authenticity from humans’ lives, forcing people to wear the fabric of accepted lies.

Social beings need acceptance just as the trees need water, the lungs need air and the heart needs a beat, but the price we pay for acceptance should never cost more than the worth of our self-truth. But we’re living in a world where the opinions of other trump self-truth; a world in which the appearances of lies are more attractive than the unembellished truth. Long before we humans started to clothe the nakedness of our bodies, to protect ourselves from the harshness of nature, we were already clothing the truthfulness of our thoughts, feelings, and who we are, to protect ourselves from the hypocritical judgment of human nature. But by clothing the truthfulness of who we’re, we’ve allowed the mask of pretense to become a common part of our human experience. We can find the mask of pretense in many relationships, portraying itself as love, displaying all its right features; but betrays itself when the trials of life step outside the comfort zone of its lies. And we can find it in sanctimonious guises, riding on the clouds of righteousness, judging the faults of others, while masking their earthly vices. It doesn’t matter when or where we wear the mask of pretense, by wearing it we’re rejecting ourselves for the comfort of other people’s opinions.

2 thoughts on “The mask of pretense.

  1. You never cease to amaze me, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus but I said that I will scroll until I saw a post from you. Definitely my favorite blogger!
    The way you use words is captivating.
    “many people would rather be an accepted lie that’s embrace by society than a rejected truth that endures its scorn.” And you aren’t wrong, I wonder often who I would be and how I would show up in this world had it not been for worrying about the judgement of others. Maybe I’d be happy because then I’d be my authentic self. Can I even get to that place now… idk.

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    1. The fear of social death is something that most of us will never full overcome, it’s a natural fear that’s part of our human nature. But the more you find peace with who you are, the less you will worry about what other people think of you. I truly appreciate your comment and your honesty. Thank you.

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