My heart grooves to the music of free will but my feet move to the rhythm of destiny.
My lungs breathe the air of free will,
but my feet are shackled to the unchangeable will of destiny,
unable to explore the freedom of life possibilities.
My life is like a choice-less leaf blowing in the wind of destiny.

Destiny has arrested my choice
and imprisoned me to its will.
Destiny has drafted my feet to embark
on a choice-less journey that circumvented my free will.
Destiny has written a script for my life
without using the ink of my thoughts
or consulted with the desires of my heart.
Destiny deems itself the “pre-thinker” of my thoughts
and the “pre-fixer” of my feelings, yet it doesn’t know
what brings my heart it’s true healing.

Destiny, plants people along the journey of my life,
as the hand of a gardener plants choice-less trees
within the garden of its choice.
Preordained people with their preordained reasons.
Preordained love is barren and cannot bear soulful fruits.
Preordained kiss that caresses the likes of deceitful lips.
Destiny, I’m a free spirit that prefers to meet people that are free of your will,
just as the wings of the birds meet the free-flowing wind.

Destiny, I’m a freethinker that has came to see
that my life isn’t bound to some preordained will that I’ve yet to see.
My destiny is wrapped up in the gift of people
and people are wrapped up within my destiny.
People are life true destiny, not life preordained will.
The destination of my life is meaningless without people
and the road of life is “un-travelable” without their presence.
People are the signposts at every turn, step, and stop
on the road of life that point to my destiny.

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