It’s said that the human eyes have yet to behold the fullness of the earth, most of which is cover under a blanket of wetness, and our lenses are too narrow to capture the vastness of the Cosmo, leaving most of it hidden from our naked eyes. But if we take a closer look at our own existence, we would come to realize that our eyes have never beheld the fullness of our own physical body; most of which is cover under the protective layer of our skin. The physical body is the most intimate aspect of our being, we perform all kinds of activities with it, we examine it in the mirror daily, bathe it regularly and make love with it passionately; yet there are hidden members of the physical body( brain, heart, spleen, etc) that have never been introduced to our eyes. If this is true of the physical, which is the most intimate aspect of our being, how much more of ourselves is hidden within the realm of our mysterious minds? The human eyes are like windows that can only open outward to capture the external scenery of itself, it lacks the ability to open inward to examine what’s hidden within. Just as the universe has dark matters and dark energies that affect the way the universe works, there are hidden aspects to our existence that extends beyond the reach of our eyes, that affect how we think and feel about life.

The mind has a lot in common with the water of the earth; we need it, we use it, yet we don’t know for sure what lies hidden within its deepest depths. Unlike the physical body that can be easily dissected so that we can see and examine its hidden parts, the mind is protective of its hidden treasures; it buried them so deep within its subconscious mind that its conscious mind became forgetful of its hidden wealth. Most of the mind is a lost world that’s impregnated with unthought-of possibilities, these possibilities are mental embryos that are waiting to be gestated into the world of reality. It was the hidden aspect of the mind that had made yesterday impossibilities today realities; but the impossibilities of yesterday weren’t impossibilities, they were possibilities hidden within the unexplored mind of humanity. So before we convince ourselves that something is impossible in life, we should first consult the hidden aspect of our mind. And before we go in search of external treasures and faded pleasure to quell the incomplete feeling that something is missing from our lives, we should first explore the hidden dimensions of our minds.

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