Rainbow Love

When the dark clouds of misery are nowhere near,
the flowing tears of sorrow are clear,
and the atmosphere of life is fair,
rainbow love magically appears.
Rainbow love is a love with many shades
but shows its true color when the smile of happiness fades.
A love that disappears at the dawn of pain;
a love that’s only committed to what it can gain.
A love that reflects our joy but rejects our pain.

Rainbow love is a seasonal love
that arc towards the rays of happiness,
but keep itself at bay from the days
when the clouds of life are too dark to receive these rays.
A love that can only be found in the climate of joy;
a conditional love that’s committed to the right season, not the right person.
A love that has never been caught in the season of tears,
nor stand by us, as we face our fears.
A companion to our joy but a stranger to our tears.

Rainbow love parades emotional lies
which dazzled our gullible eyes.
Lies that distract us from their poisonous plights,
while convincing us that they’re upright.
Lies that promised to always be by our side,
yet take flight at the first sight of our plights.
Lies that we fell in love with at first sight.

Rainbow love is an action-less love;
the proof of its lovelies in the movement of its tongue.
A spoken love that translates broken promises;
broken promises that reside in broken hearts.
Broken hearts that promised to never again chase after a love
that resembles the likes of a rainbow.

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