The soul of greed.

When pocket became the soul of man,
life became merchandise measured by the price tags of greed.
When pocket became the soul of man,
life became plagued with foul deeds for the sake of proceeds.
When pocket became the soul of man,
the pocket-less were priced out from enjoying their needs.
When pocket became the soul of man,
profit became the soulmate of his greed.

Greed has more pockets than beach has sands,
it breaches all rights to gain a profit
and it takes no moral stand.
Greed sold his soul to fill its pocket with gold.
For the right price, a man will sell his own kind,
just to fill his pocket with a few coins.
Greed doesn’t know what it means to be kind,
like a black hole, it grabs to itself whatever it can find.
Greed doesn’t care if you’re a child that’s pure as light
or poor to the point that you cannot afford to buy rice,
it will take your last to feed its vice.

As the world fell to its knees in sickness,
greed remained steadfast in its quest for richness.
As the world is in hurt, counting its dead,
greed is busy counting its bread;
the monetary gain in its purse is more important
then the human pain lying in the hearse.
As the world was searching for a cure to regain its health,
greed was thirsting for more to add to its wealth.
As the world was drowning in tears, waiting for a cure,
greed set its eyes to the edge of space,
contemplating how much it should charge us for a tour.

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