The highway of life.

Pain is the toll we pay to travel on the highway of life, yet many of us have tried in vain to steer our lives in a lane that’s toll-free of pain. The highway of life has a lane for every desire destination, but it doesn’t matter which lane we take to lead us to our destination, there will be some parts of it that are paved with a rough patch of life’s undesired pain. But being that relationships are the asphalts that paved the highway of life, we mistakenly believe that our tears in life will fall on the shoulders of comfort and the bosom of care. Relationships are the licenses that give us access on the highway of life, no one can journey through life relationship-free. But unfortunately, a relationship is one of the natural habitats of human pain, most of the pain that we humans experienced in life can be traced to the people we’ve invited to accompany us on our journey in life. Even though human beings are the leading manufacturers of human pain, life without the presence of other humans is more painful than the pain they produced; life without relationships is as unfulfilling as food without calories. We, humans, are stuck in a catch 22, where human beings are the manufacturers of most of our pain, yet they’re the healers of our lonely souls; so to enter into relationships can sometimes feel like playing Russian roulette with pain.

Some of us have entered into relationships on the passenger side in life, we’ve become passengers to other people’s destinies. We’ve allowed others to test drive their doubts into our lives, so we’ve to pay the fine for their mistakes and wrong turns. But when the lenses of others have become the rearview mirrors through which we judge the oncoming events of our lives, then we’re heading toward the destination of regrets. Although we cannot journey through life relationship-free, we should bear in mind that the closer we humans get to each other the more contagious our pain will become. From the moment we open the door of our lives and welcome others into our intimacy, we’ve become shareholders of their pain. So the peopling of our lives is the first and most important step we will take on our journey in life; by peopling our lives with the right people, we’re better able to sidestep the avoidable pain in life and cushion the hurt of the unavoidable ones. Life is a journey that takes us upon the mountains of highs and through the valleys of lowers, but when the journey of our lives ebb toward the valleys of lowers, the true characters of those in our lives will show. Pain is universal to all, but there are some people that are allergic to its personal touch, people that we should never trust to accompany us on our journey in life.

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