The boundary of the mind.

Once a relative of Buddha came to him to inquire about the mind, so Buddha in return asked him, ” where is the mind?” The relative replied, “within the body.” Buddha then asked him, “if the mind is within the body then why can’t it see the organs that are within the body?” The relative paused to think, then replied, ” the mind is outside the body.” Buddha then asked him, “if the mind is outside the body then how can it feels the sensation of the body, such as, hunger, please, pain, etc?” The boy relented, ” then where is the mind?” he asked Buddha. “The mind has no location,” Buddha replied ( paraphrased). The mind is unlike the body, its dimension evades all scales of human measurement and while the body can easily be located by the compass of the physical eyes, the location of the mind cannot be located by the compass of these same eyes. Many people believe that the mind doesn’t extend beyond the physical reality of the brain, but just as emotions are not prisoners to the heart, the mind is not a prisoner of the brain. The mind is like the sun, the rays of its thoughts extend beyond the radius of any given location. So to try to locate the mind is like trying to locate the address of space, just like space exists within matter yet is not imprisoned by its limits, the mind exists within the brain but is not imprisoned by its physical limits.

Thoughts are mental fence, the narrower the thought the more limited the mind appears to be, the broader the thought the more infinite the mind. The mind is similar to the water of the earth, it can be as narrow as a river or as vast as the ocean, it all depends on the openness of our mental views. The mind is a vast and bottomless ocean teeming with thoughts, but some thoughts cannot grasp the span of its vastness nor deepness of its dept, so they stay close to the shallowness of its shore. We humans have always been afraid to explore the unknown vastness of life, we rather explore the narrowness of our personal beliefs than infinite truth. But in the same way, we didn’t grasp the fullness of the earth geographical reality until we journeyed across the vastness of its ocean, we will never grasp the fullness of life until we’re willing to explore the region of the mind that extend beyond the physiological boundary of the brain. We should bear in mind that boundaries are physical features that limit physical realities, but being that the mind doesn’t have any physical features, it’s cannot be handcuffed to any boundary. So where is the mind? To the scientists of the world the brain is the prison that handcuffed the mind to its physical limitations, but to the sages of the world, “the mind has no location.”

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