The pendulum swing of life.

Life is a pendulum that swings back and forth between what we want and don’t want to experience; life is the perfect waltz between opposites, it never dances out of rhythm to their natural flow. But the mind of mankind is still in the cradle of infancy, we’ve not yet set aside our child-like fancy of what we want life to be, so we’ve failed to see life for what it is. If we were asked to paint the perfect picture of life, we would dip our brush in the paint of imbalance and paint life out of proportion to the fullness of its reality. At least half of life would be missing from our picture of perfection. We see imbalance as perfection, so we strive to make life perfectly imbalance, by trying to stop the natural pendulous swing of life from going back and forth from laughter to tears. We humans have a dysfunctional relationship with the balance of life, we’re always trying to tilt life in our favor but in doing so we’ve found ourselves in conflict with the natural way of life, which always causes us to suffer. Just as the imbalance of muscles is the cause for many of our physical pain, an imbalance approach to life is the cause for many of the pains that we humans are experiencing in life. But a balanced approach in life is a corridor the leads to the doorstep of joy.

we’re emotional beings that are caught in the emotional wind of desires, our heart changes its desires like the wind changes direction. But oftentimes our changing desires dance out of step with the ever-changing seasons of life, making our lives fall in a state of imbalance. Although we cannot change the natural pendulum swing of life, the more our lives are balanced mentally and emotionally, the more prepared we will be to reap the best fruits from whatever season that life chooses to unfold in our lives. It’s also important for us to realize that life is not our personal chef that’s willing to serve us whatever is on the menu of our wish list; the menu of life is a mixture of likes and dislikes and life is a chef that serves them out indiscriminately. The impersonal recipe of life is distasteful to the personal taste of mankind. We would rather live to serve us a steady diet of a happy meal, season with the flavor of our heart desires, but happiness is not the only meal on life’s menu; this is a reality that’s is hard for us humans to swallow.

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