Change: the author of every love’s story.

Change is the author of every love story; how committed we’re are to go through each other life changes, determines how every love’s story ends. True love is mentally and emotionally flexible, it adjusts and adapts to life’s most unpleasant change without breaking its commitment to the person its loves. Relationships are a Union between expectations and change, but when our expectations are too inflexible to embrace the reality of life’s change, this Union gives birth to disappointment. Change has toppled many relationships while they cruise in their honeymoon phase, which they thought would last forever. Most people don’t want their relationships to grow out of their honeymoon phase, so they become addicted to the emotional lie of forever. In the beginning, forever is sweet music to the ears but in the end, it plays like blues to the soul. How can we say “I do” forever when relationships sail on the volatile sea of change? True love is married to the truth, it refuses to divorce itself from the realities of life, to engage itself with fairytale expectations that it knows it can never meet.

Forever is the note that we use to write the beautiful melody of love, but change is the music of life that not even love can dances its way around. No matter how hard we try we cannot navigate our relationships around the reality of change. There will come a point in every relationship when it will be introduced to some form of change; some changes are good for relationships, they resurrect a sense of freshness that has been buried by familiarity and monotony. While some changes are too burdensome for some relationships to bear, so many people see them as an opportunity to exit their relationships and justify their broken promises. Relationships are a journey of change, but the road to the heart oftentimes blocks inflexible expectations, preventing many relationships from reaching their full potential. Change brings all relationships to an end. Change in expectations that no longer allow lovers to see eye to eye. Change in emotions that reposition our hearts to the possibility of new love. Change in circumstances diverges our once common destiny into foreign destinations. But some relationships will endure the journey of change until life tell them that they’ve reached their last stop.

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