A mother’s worth

Long before mankind knows to measure anything of material value, before we know to measure the karats of diamonds and gold; we instinctively know how to measure a mother’s worth. The worth of a mother’s love is unlike diamonds that need to be polished, oil that has to be refined, and golds that have to be mined before their worth can be defined; a mother’s love is the conjoined twin of a child, the worth of her love was already defined before the birth of her child. The worth of a mother’s love is the only thing of value that’s measurable to the mind of an infant. The health of a child is measured by the care of a mother’s touch, her arms were the first garments tailored to heal the discomfort of his nakedness. The eyes of a mother are enriched with trust, they imbue the vulnerable soul of a child with hope and give him the first glimpse into the future. Her body is a tax by the wants and needs of the child; tax by sleepless nights, worrying about the wellbeing of her child, tax of its nourishment to feed the feeble body of her child, and tax by fatigue, as her sweat water the world in which she makes a living and the world of her helpless child.

The world is rich with motherly sacrifices, yet poor in its appreciation of their worth. The life of a mother has inherited a wealth of sacrifices, but in a world that measures itself on the scale of monetary value, the true worth of her sacrifices has been lost in misappraisal. The sacrifices of mothers are debts that the world cannot afford to repay; if all the resources of the world should emerge together as one, they would still fall short in comparison to the worth of mothers’ sacrifices. The body of a mother is the first life support of human life, which sustained us with all the elements of life that we need to survive. It was not the rays of the sun that had dried our first tears but rather the internal medicinal touch of a mother’s body. It was not the rain from the sky that quenched our first thirst, but rather the natural well that springs from within her body. And it was not material wealth that comforted our natal fears as we enter this alien world but rather the engulfing presence of a mother’s love. Mothers are human suns that the earliest wants and needs of human lives revolve around, human suns that greet our infancy with the warmth of love; human suns that emit the warmth of love; such love is the first investment in human lives.

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