Money over people economy.

The beauty of the sun awakes the ugly reality of passionless devotion, as the workers of the world religiously make their journey to jobs that feed their bodies yet eat their souls. It’s at dawn that the workers of the world prepare themselves to make their daily pilgrimage to sacrifice the strength of their bodies and the wealth of their health upon the monetary altars of the world. Dawn awakes the miseries of the working poor that night had briefly put to rest; It’s at dawn that many of them wave goodbye to whom they love to make a living doing what they do not love. Money is the pied piper that charms the weary bodies of workers into the economic sweat lodge of joyless labor. A pied piper that leaves a trail of financial scrums behind, promising them that if they push on and ignore their physical and social pains, there are more financial scrums to be gained. But money is more than just a pied piper that calls the workers of the world to perform passionless duties. Money is a soulless god that’s morally bankrupt; a god that forces workers to mine for wealth that injures their health, a god that rides on the high clouds of economic gain while raining down on working people’s socioeconomic pain.

The world is in a state of socio-economic crisis, where the gain of profit is oftentimes socially tied to the pain of people. A crisis in which unfulfilling jobs have caused the workers of the world to amass emotional debts that they’re paying for with their happiness. A socioeconomic crisis that forces workers to make the false choice between fulfilling their physical needs or fulfilling their emotional needs. But “man shall not live by bread alone….” He also needs emotional sustenance to satisfy his existence with the joy of being. Making a living shouldn’t mean taking a break from living; but in this money over people economy, the moment people clock into work, they clock out of living. The moment most people clock in to work, they put away their happiness alongside their other personal effects, which their employers deemed nonessentials in the business of making a profit. In this money over people economy, the calculus of those who are in monetary high places has summed up their workers as replaceable assets. Assets that they can displace into homelessness, and retire into hunger, the moment they no longer suit their financial interest. But people are not inanimate financial assets that are without emotional feelings, they can feel and see when the worth of their humanity is absent from the calculus of their wealthy employers’ minds. But unfortunately, this money over people economy will never change, until the well beings of working people are no longer second to the wealth sought by people.

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