The life we share

A life that’s not shared is like a cloud that keeps the moistness of its touch to itself, its existence has lost its purpose. Life was meant to be a sharing experience, this is why it uses the grave as a checkpoint to make sure that we leave behind whatever we didn’t get to share. Existence doesn’t have any door nor window through which we can leave with its wealth, even our bodies we will have to give back to the earth. Human beings are fruits of existence that are enriched with unique experiences that were meant to be enjoyed by each other. Our minds and emotional bodies were meant to be disrobed of their garments of pretense, sharing the nakedness of their truth, without the fear of social shame. The human body was meant to be a museum, displaying the fingerprints of intimacy, procuring and sharing kisses, touches, and hugs. The well of joy cannot be found in a human desert, void of human contact, nor can it be found in the inanimate walls of mansions, the well of joy can only be found in the presence that we humans share. Sharing is the tread that sutured the plurality of existence into a functional reality; without sharing life would wither away in the wilderness of selfishness.

Sharing is nature’s way of making us shareholders in life’s essentials, but if nature was a capitalist that hoards these essentials, both wall street, and main street would’ve been reduced to a stock, rich with human fossils. nature metes out its innate kindness to us, it oxygenates our lungs with the element of air, it waters our tongue to quench our thirst, and feed us with its own calories, in the same way, a caring mother shares her own calories with her child. But although nature had shown us its kindness, we have failed to pass on this same kindness to our own kind. Our minds have been poisoned by the ideology of possession, causing us to erroneously believe that we’re the earth’s rightful owners, when we’re merely its imaginary owners, lacking the right to decide who gets to enjoy the earth’s scenic beauty. As the earth’s imaginary owners, the wealthy few among us have deprived many of us of enjoying the natural pleasures of nature. But nature doesn’t take account of our wealth before it presents us with its pleasures; its beautiful beaches were meant to share by billionaires and those who cannot afford shoes to wear. And Its waterfalls were meant to massage us with their pleasurable touch, regardless of the body it’s massaging belongs to rich or poor. We’re rivers with our own unique twists and turns in life, moving towards our destiny, yet we’re destined to meet at a common point, at which the true meaning of our lives with be shared.

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