The present moment: the soulmate of life.

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While fishing in the future to find what we considered to be life’s missing pieces, mankind was washed astray and lost their peace with the present moment. We’ve deceptively convinced ourselves that life is an incomplete puzzle with future events as its missing pieces, waiting to solve its riddle. Because we view the future as the holy grail of experience, which holds life’s missing pieces, we find ourselves problematizing the present moment as an obstacle that delays our joy, rather than the only moment in which we can actually express it. The present moment is the fountain from which all experiences of life spring; it’s the only habitat in existence that’s welcoming to the lives of the living. The trees can survive for a while apart from the soil, fish can survive for a while on dry land, and even the body can survive for a while without something as essential as air; yet no living beings have ever existed for a second outside of the present moment. Reality is indigenous to the present moment, nothing in existence can sidestep this truth, even our goals for the future are planned with present thoughts. We can hope to find love and happiness in the future, yet they lack meaning until they’re expressed and felt in the here and now. And although the past carries with it the residual effects of our actions and the future is being paved by their deeds, our actions cannot divorce themselves from the present moment, they’re its intimate expressions.

The present moment is the soulmate of life; they were married by reality at birth, before life was burdened with the memories of a past and before it developed wet dreams for the future. But once life lost its innocence, the human mind became polygamous, we started to seek comfort outside of the bosom of the present moment. So memories became the bed in which we indulged in reminiscing pleasures. And promising experiences of the future started to look sexier than the present experiences that we’re actually living. However, we’ve failed to realize that the present moment is the only moment that we can have intimate experiences with. Experiences are the milk that flows from the bosom of the present moment, from its bosom comes all pleasures of life, which we cannot enjoy in any other moment. Yes, at times the present moment will impregnate hurtful moments into our lives, yet it’s the only moment that can give birth to the healing of life. And Yes, the present moment seems to be missing some essential pieces for the completion of our lives, but if we renature our minds, we would find that these missing pieces exist within the blind spots of life’s present moments.

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