“Necrophilic love”: the love of lifeless things.

Love is the purest form of expression between living beings but once love fell sick with greed, it became infected with “necrophilic love”, a love for lifeless material things. Greed is the misplacement of love, it misguides the innate love of man away from humanity towards lifeless commodities. The world has fallen so deeply in love with things that are dead in thoughts and feelings like diamonds, money, oil, and gold, to the point that it values precious stones over precious souls. Man sees the world through the lens of that which he loves, so being that he loves material things, he finds himself treating people like things. Man’s love for lifeless things has affected the way he loves his fellow human beings; because he takes on the characteristics of the lifeless things that he loves and worships, his feelings became deadened to the woes of humanity. So he sees nothing wrong with dismissing humans’ feelings while employing their bodies as things to produce things. He sees nothing wrong with draining the energy from their bodies to near depletion, the way he drains crude oil from the earth. And he sees nothing wrong with throwing out a down on the luck mother and her vulnerable child into the callousness of homelessness, the way he throws out lifeless furniture which no longer serves his use. When love loses its compassion, it paves the way for pain to reign.

Greed is a cataract on the soul of man that clouds it with materiality, obstructing it from feeling and expressing love. This anesthetization of love has normalized humans’ pains and has created the social reality of inequality and injustice that are plaguing society. Although the world is in the midst of a pandemic, covid is still secondary to the plague of greed. Because human love has become so sick with greed that it sees the plague of death as a means to make a profit at the expense of human lives. So living beings become lifeless beings because they live in “third world” countries that lack the right amount of lifeless paper currency for lifesaving vaccines. Man has lost the beauty of love to lifeless things, even in the plague of death, he has divested his love for humanity to invest it in lifeless things that are incapable of loving him back. But greed is a “moral outlaw” that has unshackled itself from all moral constraints to free itself from the guilt of treating lifeless material things better than living beings. However, when a man allows having to become more important than loving, the very things that he has will become a burden to his soul. Because the love of people is a gift that was meant to bring the greatest comfort to the soul of man.

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