Fear is the midwife of humanity
that has not yet fully
deliver the full spectrum of
humanity to the world.
Half of humanity were born girls,
which mean half of mankind’s
truth has never fully been heard.

Fear stripped women
of their feminine truth
exposing the nakedness of their
vulnerability to masculine brutes.
Brutes that invented masculine lies
that tied down the potential
that would have allowed women to fly.

Masculine’s fear out braved
the masculine’s love of fathers,
sons, brothers, and lovers,
causing them to deny their daughters,
mothers, sisters, and lovers
the right to a voice.
The voice of the truth is vulgar
to the ears of fear
so it smothered the voice of the reality
that it does not want the world to hear.

Fear is the author of human division,
it blinds us from that which bind us,
giving birth to the plague of versus,
putting humans against humans,
creating in the world,
primary and secondary places.
So before we were able to unpack
the fullness of our humanity
and before we were able to discover
the truth of our commonality,
fear accosted us and divided
the harmony of our humanity.

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