The human ego craves to be extraordinary
and shine as bright as the sun,
it misremembers that the sun is only one
of countless ordinary stars.
Ordinary people are stars that shine
absent the light of recognition.
While we look to the walk of fame
to honor those with the most extraordinary names;
In the walk of life, the actions of ordinary people
author the theme of everyday life.

“The extraordinary is more precious than the ordinary”
is one of the world’s most common lies.
Life does not revolve around hidden treasures
that are distant and rare,
but rather a precious mineral like water
which is common and relatively near.
Common things are the DNA of life,
it’s through the commonness of the trees
that the element of air breathes.

What is more common than life!
Yet life is the crown jewel of existence,
all other jewels are life’s leftover debris.
That which is essential to life
it is always in abundance and never aloof
this is why love is so precious
yet it can be found under almost every roof.

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