Math of Love

The math of love presents the art with a life-changing equation that is too complicated to fit within the narrow parenthesis of romantic expression. The sum of love cannot accurately be measured under the moonlight of romance when life is in agreement with the expectations of our eyes and the echo of empty promises serenading our ears. Most people measure love when life is at its furthest point from sorrows, their love is parallel to the width of life’s most pleasant smile. However love is equal in distance to all conditions in life, it lives within equal reach of the cuddling and struggling moments of life. True love is amphibious, it can be found celebrating life with its lover at the highest point and the mountain of joy, yet it can also be found immersing itself in its lover’s tears. Love is multidimensional, however, some of us tend to fall in love with its most superficial aspect, a dimension of love whose length does not extend beyond the perimeter of its own desires. Each season of life brings out a different dimension of love, sometimes we sow our hearts into our relationships yet when the season of life changes out of our favor, we do not reap the same love from our relationship that we had sowed. Love is like a seed that is planted within our hearts, it has to be water with patience so that we could measure the full potential of its growth and to see how wide and in what direction its branch will grow. The math of love is simple when we minus the list of superficiality and add the truth of self-honesty.

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