Majority rules: Just a slogan?

“Majority rules”, shout the world with joy as freedom and power walked down the aisle of democracy, but before entering their honeymoon, power impregnated freedom with a false choice in which freedom must choose between the madness of patriarchy and the richness of the few to reign over the choices of life. Although we the people are the throne and crown of power, once our freedom was restricted to this false choice, power unnaturally started to flow from money to the few. Like moonlight which comes from a source [sun] that is greater than the moon, power comes from a source [the people] that is greater than the few. Yet if we should summon history, to sum up, its memories of when the majority ruled, its memories would sum up blank. Majority rules is an anthem that is so sweetly sung by the powerful few that the world can not help but dance to every word of its lie. If the majority rules as they say then power would be found not in boardrooms wearing Armani suits while looking down at workers through the lens of Pradas, but rather in factories and construction sites wearing aprons, protective gears, and human sweat. The majority does not rule when decisions concerning the many are being made in a room designed for a few.

When men said “let us create power”, they didn’t have women in mind, so power was born deficient of estrogen causing it to look too much like a man. Being drunk on testosterone, power lost its balance and judgment, so it invaded the freedom of women and assaulted their right to choose. Women of all eras have always heard the slogan “majority rules”, yet even to this day, the choices of women are still being filtered through the maleness of men. If the throne of power could speak in the voices of those who are seated in its glory, the voices of women would be a whisper lost in the roaring thunder of maleness. But, don’t worry, they say, “change will come.” Yes, power had tried on the shoes of women and shuffled its seat a few times in them, but the reality of their uncomfortness was too much for power to walk a full mile in them. The shuffling in the shoes of women just for a few steps has become the world’s favorite political show. “Majority rules”, is a political joke misinterpreted by the ears of reality.

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