The autopsy of conscience

When conscience was pronounced dead, human miseries were appointed to be its pallbearers and injustice to dig its grave. Before injustice can beautify the ugliness of its actions, it must first check the pulse of the human’s conscience to make sure it’s morally dead. Contrary to popular belief, people are not the first to die in war, before world leaders can transform playgrounds into burial grounds, they must first put their own conscience to death. Some will say that some wars are just but even just wars are plagued by injustices. For innocent women and children are drafted in every war, not for their military service, but to pay the moral debts of politicians which they callously called “casualties of war.” It’s easy for “moral outlaws” to deem the innocent to be casualties of war because they’re strangers to their love. Wars are started by famous strangers (world leaders), who send children of strangers to fight other children of strangers for reasons that are strangers to the truth. When their unjust wars are over these heartless leaders, who were strangers to the battlefields, will meet each other in some place of luxury to sign a peace treaty and then depart from each other in smiles and health. While the lifeless bodies of the innocent and soldiers will be laid to rest beside the conscience of these heartless leaders. Thus, the African proverb proved to be right saying “when the elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.”

Martin Luther King once said that “the national budget is the moral document of the country”, but after careful examination, it looks more like the death certificate of social conscience. Every year the first statement on this “moral document” is made in salute to war. Society rents more space to house military goods yearly than it does rent space to house the homeless bodies of humans. Not only does society prioritize housing these military goods over homeless bodies, but it also uses these military goods to cause homelessness to innocent people abroad. When humans miseries went to the house of Congress to try to resuscitate its conscience, they found lobbyists burying it in money. Searching for the oasis of social conscience, humans’ miseries turned to the houses of God. But during wintry nights when homelessness knocks at the doors of the houses of God, the empty love of vacancy was the only one home. The autopsy of social conscience has shown that its death has multiple causes. Callousness harden and clogged the arteries of its heart, making it difficult for the love of others to flow; while greed strangled its morals until it took its last breath.

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