The parable of the liars

Once there was a great debate among the tongue, the heart, and the mind over which one of them is the originator of lies.

“after giving it many thoughts,” said the mind, “the heart is the originator of lies, for lies, are shortcuts that the heart takes to meet its desires. Without the heart, there would be no desires and without desires, there would be no need to lie to another.”

“I beg to differ,” said the heart, ” the mind and the tongue are the parents of lies. The first time I met lie, it appeared as an embryo in the state of thought but when it grew into the fullness of its falsehood, lie took on the form of spoken words. Both my desires and I are innocent of lies for I’m the purest member of the body. Furthermore….”

“Haha,” the tongue laughingly interrupted the heart, ” if I had hands and feet I would’ve given you both a standing ovation for being such great liars. My words are mere shadows of thoughts and desires, though the world sees me as the face of lies, I’m just speaking aloud the lies the mind and the heart tell me in secret.”

The mind and the heart listen silently in disagreement as the tongue continue to speak.

” I’m the purest member of the body, not the heart. For the heart lies all the time to love which is the purest thing in existence, especially when it says forever. When forever is a lie that the heart inscribed on the tombstone of love.”

While the tongue, the mind, and the heart were debating over which of them originated lies, a local politician happen to be passing by.

” Here comes a professional liar, lets ask him to settle this debate for us.” They said to each other.

” Dear sir, of the three of us which of us do you think is the originator of lies?”

” Whenever I lie to the people,” said the politician “I see my mind, heart, and tongue as members of the same orchestra that help to produce lies that are musical to the ears and specious to the eyes of others. So for me lies remain unborn until the eyes and the ears of others wrap them up within the flesh of their reality. We’re all co-parents of lies, but some of us parent lie in our own way.”

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