A letter to “pro-life” activists

Dear Pro-life activists,

As self-proclaimed champions for life, you encamped about the wombs of women with stethoscopes, attentively listening for the first beat of life, to make sure that women don’t violate their fetal rights. Your love for life is relatively short, starting at conception and ending nine months later at birth. It’s so convenient for you to love life in its fetal state when its home, food, and essentials are located within the wombs of women. Yet when innocent children were being ripped away from the arms of their loving mothers at the border by a pro-life president, who cages them like animals, your love could not be found–not even with a telescope. Being a pro-life activist, you’re adamant that the womb shouldn’t be the tomb for life, yet you championed pro-gun policies which caused schools to become tombs for many innocent lives. Though this may come as news to those of you who are “pro-life”, a birth certificate is not the Holy Grail of life; the social ills of society meet life before the ink on a birth certificate is dry. Society is a patriarchal womb that allows the social-ill of poverty to read the obituaries of thousands of infants yearly, without any outcry from those who profess to be “pro-life.” Your hypocrisy is more palpable than the birth pangs of women. Well, I guess if you’re a man that last statement doesn’t fit your “pregnant-less” life.

It’s obvious that your concerns are not for fetal life that’s gestating in the wombs of women but rather for the conception of equality that is gestating in their minds. Society is the womb of men that abort the choice and rights of women, simply because men are not ready to bear the responsibility that comes with the birth of equality. Your victory over Roe has reinstated the right of society to abort women’s choice. For long before society had the know-how to abort fetal life, it was already an expert in aborting women’s choice. In your post- Roe society, women don’t have the choice to choose even when they conceived life through rape; your sanctimonious pro-life stance forced women who are victims of rape to give birth and breastfeed a crime. You’ve criminalized women’s choice to choose and decided that their bodies are potential crime scenes but history tells us that this is nothing new. The bodies of women have been a crime scene the moment they encountered men. Patriarchy is a criminal enterprise built on the exploited and abused bodies of women. So when I saw men who were proclaimed to be pro-life activists dancing for joy on the tomb of Roe, it forced me to remember that the bodies of women don’t only give birth to life but also to the power of men. The lens of patriarchy has always viewed the bodies of women as mines, where men mined their heirs, pleasure, and power. But once Roe gave women jurisdiction over their own bodies, power became nostalgic and set aside its democratic pretense to overrule the choice of millions of women, to plant its patriarchal flag on the bodies of women once again.

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