Cosmic infants

In the unexplored vastness of the milky way galaxy, live cosmic infants known as humans that have lost the true meaning of life while playing and digging in the mud for buried minerals and precious stones. Humans are cosmic infants yet to take the first step outside of our solar system. Though still living in our celestial cradle, our egos have overgrown the reality of our infancy, deeming themselves intelligent enough to measure the age of the infinite universe and its distant stars. Yet the finite ocean which waters the soles of our feet still holds undiscovered lives and secrets that our myopic eyes have yet to meet. Here we’re, the “valedictorians” of terrestrial species with failing grades on reachable knowledge of one of the most intimate and usable elements on earth — water and its deeps. Unable to disrobe the watery garment which covers the deepest and intimate secrets of the earth, we turned to secondary eyes (telescopes) to search the universe for matters that are darker than the ocean deep. Secondary eyes gave us a virgin view of the universe, a view that imbued us with existential questions and shushed our human intelligence as mere infant’s noise. A view which begs us to ask, what’s the purpose of finite human beings in an infinite universe that swallows celestial giants like the stars, taking them to places our imagination cannot reach?


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