Like meteors, strangers seem so distant from our daily realities, yet their life-changing impacts on our lives are as inevitable as the coming of a new day. At every new beginning in life, someone who we’ve yet to meet awaits us to introduce us to a new phase of our destiny. Without strangers, life would’ve been a begin-less journey with a destination to nowhere. For stranger was the midwife who welcomed us into the world and placed us into the bosom of destiny, introducing us to our mother, the first stranger who we’ve grown to know and love. The first steps of destiny were not on the road of familiarity but on the doorsteps of strangers where life takes a leap of faith into the world of those who we didn’t know. Time has faded our memories to misremember that the face of everyone who is now the center of our lives was once that of a stranger. Though time ushers intimacy in relationships, fear has kept alive within the inner sanctum of every being, the pulse of a stranger. The lips of a lover on which we’ve placed a thousand kisses, her ears in which we’ve whispered our secrets, and her eyes to which we’ve exposed our weakness, maybe familiar to us today but tomorrow these same lips, ears, and eyes may belong to a stranger who we once knew.

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