Emotional hospital

Young man sitting looking upset

If there was such a thing as an emotional hospital, roads would’ve been emergency lanes built only for the use of ambulances. Behind the pseudo smiles that are painted on countless faces, lies the invisible pandemic of emotional pain. Many people are living with emotional pains that were born on the day that their loved ones were lost, pains that created wounds so deep that the mind has lost sight of their existence. Pains that seep from the deep when life plays their favorite songs and when the cycle of time makes its yearly pause on the memorable dates of their past lives. There are people whose hearts have been shattered by the “hurt-quake” of betrayal, causing them to live their lives in the social desert of loneliness with distrust as their only companion. Though most of them will resurrect themselves from the loneliness of social death and learn to trust in others once again, the emotional wounds from betrayal will continue to plague their life. While some people are emotional addicts that have overdosed on love, convincing themselves that they cannot live without a love that’s ten times younger than the age of their lives. Emotional addiction also comes in the form of fear. As emotional beings, we humans are addicted to our own fears, fears which cause self-paralysis, hindering us from walking in the fullness of life and experiencing life anew. Emotional pains are the world’s oldest pandemic yet neither hospitals nor medicines are equipped to heal these non-physical wounds and aches.

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