A love poem to the Earth

The heavens turned on their lights to bear witness

To the spectrum of the earth’s beauty,

Which ranges from peaks to deeps.

The elegance of her peaks touch

The moistened lips of the clouds,

Causing them to river the element

Of life down her steps and seeps in her deeps.

Yet she Maintained her primordial virtue,

By clothing her deeps with mysteries,

So that she would never be seen fully nude.

Fearing that her natural beauty may forever be

Lost to the unbecomingness of the ice age,

The sun glides its fingers all over her fertile body,

Imbuing her with life-giving warmth.

The moon points to the craters that riddled its body,

Evincing its love for the earth by placing its body

In between hers and the harmful debris of the Cosmo.

The gravity of its love creates mountainous tides,

Pulling the softness of her element closer to its lunar body.

Though Venus crowned herself as the goddess of love,

And Saturn woos us with the mesmerizing ring of her halo,

The earth is the only planet that breathes the oxygen of love.

For life is wed to the fate of the earth like trees to the soil;

So though they may be many planets, to life the earth is the one.

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