Ode to the hands of time

So brief are the moments of life in the hands of time

That living feels like having a one-night stand with time.

The impersonal touch of time erodes life to dust

As the touch of water erodes metal into rust.

Time rushes us through life like a raging river

To meet a future that’s not yet here, ignoring

The beauties of people in our lives that are standing near us.

Like a wind that divorced blades of grass from its meadow

The linear movement of time divorced our thoughts

From the present moment of life.

The hands of time cheated life of more valuables

Then the hands of thieves. For thieves cheated us

Of replaceable things like precious stones,

But time cheated us of precious moments with loved ones,

Stolen moments tucked away in the memories of regrets.

The hands of time weave days into years and youth

Into aged, bringing to life the tapestry of change.

But let not time wrinkle the joy of being,

For the time is only a twinkle in the eyes of eternity;

And change is the eternal cosmic play of revealing

And concealing the infinite states of being.

Though the hands of time wave goodbye to life,

Existence has no entrance nor exit

For life to neither come nor go.

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