Ode to the hands of time

So brief are the moments of life in the hands of time That living feels like having a one-night stand with time. The impersonal touch of time erodes life into dust As the touch of water erodes metal into rust. Time rushes us through life like a raging river To meet a future that’s not … More Ode to the hands of time

The forgotten self:

Life was hewn from the environment like monuments were from rocks. The environment determined the structure of our face, designed the texture of our hair, defined the thickness of our lips, and formed the size of our nose, yet we view the environment as the mere background in the picture of life. Estranged by our … More The forgotten self:

The mask of love

Love is the victim of identity theft; Disguising itself in the ideality of love, Romance has cheated the hearts of many From experiencing the reality of love. Romance wears the face of love but lacks the heart To love beyond the surface of intimacy Where the pain of its lover remains untouched. True love is … More The mask of love

Diversity: the democratic manifestation of existence

People are different simply by being; like fruits, people come with different tastes and spring from different roots. Diversity is the oasis that waters the root of life but the soil of society is spoiled with prejudices that oppose its growth. Our love for diversity stretches from the different sceneries of nature to the variety … More Diversity: the democratic manifestation of existence

Emotional hospital

If there was such a thing as an emotional hospital, roads would’ve been emergency lanes built only for the use of ambulances. Behind the pseudo smiles that are painted on countless faces, lies the invisible pandemic of emotional pain. Many people are living with emotional pains that were born on the day that their loved … More Emotional hospital


Like meteors, strangers seem so distant from our daily realities, yet their life-changing impacts on our lives are as inevitable as the coming of a new day. At every new beginning in life, someone who we’ve yet to meet awaits us to introduce us to a new phase of our destiny. Without strangers, life would’ve … More Strangers

Cosmic infants

In the unexplored vastness of the milky way galaxy, live cosmic infants known as humans that have lost the true meaning of life while playing and digging in the mud for buried minerals and precious stones. Humans are cosmic infants yet to take the first step outside of our solar system. Though still living in … More Cosmic infants

A letter to “pro-life” activists

Dear Pro-life activists, As self-proclaimed champions for life, you encamped about the wombs of women with stethoscopes, attentively listening for the first beat of life, to make sure that women don’t violate their fetal rights. Your love for life is relatively short, starting at conception and ending nine months later at birth. It’s so convenient … More A letter to “pro-life” activists