A love poem to the Earth

The heavens turned on their lights to bear witness To the spectrum of the earth’s beauty, Which ranges from peaks to deeps. The elegance of her peaks touch The moistened lips of the clouds, Causing them to river the element Of life down her steps and seeps in her deeps. Yet she Maintained her primordial … More A love poem to the Earth

Parable of the void

Once there lived the richest man that had ever lived under the sun, so rich was the man that even the utensils of his many servants were made of gold. Like King Solomon, this man had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines to quench his every carnal want and need in life. Yet a … More Parable of the void

Emotional hospital

If there was such a thing as an emotional hospital, roads would’ve been emergency lanes built only for the use of ambulances. Behind the pseudo smiles that are painted on countless faces, lies the invisible pandemic of emotional pain. Many people are living with emotional pains that were born on the day that their loved … More Emotional hospital


Like meteors, strangers seem so distant from our daily realities, yet their life-changing impacts on our lives are as inevitable as the coming of a new day. At every new beginning in life, someone who we’ve yet to meet awaits us to introduce us to a new phase of our destiny. Without strangers, life would’ve … More Strangers


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