The life we share

A life that’s not shared is like a cloud that keeps the moistness of its touch to itself, its existence has lost its purpose. Life was meant to be a sharing experience, this is why it uses the grave as a checkpoint to make sure that we leave behind whatever we didn’t get to share. … More The life we share

The lens of appreciation.

The human mind is like a telescope, it bypasses the beauty of life within its immediate view, to go in search of a beauty that is alien to its eyes. The lens of human appreciation is farsighted, making it difficult to appreciate the beauty of life that’s closest to us. We’ve failed to appreciate the … More The lens of appreciation.

Money over people economy.

The beauty of the sun awakes the ugly reality of passionless devotion, as the workers of the world religiously make their journey to jobs that feed their bodies yet eat their souls. It’s at dawn that the workers of the world prepare themselves to make their daily pilgrimage to sacrifice the strength of their bodies … More Money over people economy.

A mother’s worth

Long before mankind knows to measure anything of material value, before we know to measure the karats of diamonds and gold; we instinctively know how to measure a mother’s worth. The worth of a mother’s love is unlike diamonds that need to be polished, oil that has to be refined, and golds that have to … More A mother’s worth


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