The parable of the liars

Once there was a great debate among the tongue, the heart, and the mind over which one of them is the originator of lies. “after giving it many thoughts,” said the mind, “the heart is the originator of lies, for lies, are shortcuts that the heart takes to meet its desires. Without the heart, there … More The parable of the liars

The autopsy of conscience

When conscience was pronounced dead, human miseries were appointed to be its pallbearers and injustice to dig its grave. Before injustice can beautify the ugliness of its actions, it must first check the pulse of the human’s conscience to make sure it’s morally dead. Contrary to popular belief, people are not the first to die … More The autopsy of conscience


Wise men say that life is a cycle of rebirths,even black holes must gather lightsto give birth to the sun again.So I say to mother nature:In my rebirth abort my mindand plant me as a seed in a distant forestso that I may grow into a mindless fig treewith thoughtlessness that’s unableto ponder the burdens … More Rebirth

The lens of comparison.

The window of our neighbor is the door through which happiness exits our lives. When we look through the lens of comparison, we find our unhappiness sitting beside and drooling over the happiness of our neighbors. Social beings are like voyeurs that get emotionally stimulated by looking at the lifestyles of others. Some people try … More The lens of comparison.


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