Ode to the hands of time

So brief are the moments of life in the hands of time That living feels like having a one-night stand with time. The impersonal touch of time erodes life into dust As the touch of water erodes metal into rust. Time rushes us through life like a raging river To meet a future that’s not … More Ode to the hands of time

Cosmic infants

In the unexplored vastness of the milky way galaxy, live cosmic infants known as humans that have lost the true meaning of life while playing and digging in the mud for buried minerals and precious stones. Humans are cosmic infants yet to take the first step outside of our solar system. Though still living in … More Cosmic infants

They say….

They say that life was an unplanned cosmic birth, leftover debris form from a cosmic accident (the big bang) that occurred billions of years ago, of which they’ve yet to find the cause. And they say that after this cosmic accident which gave birth to life, we were rescued from the cosmic debris by the … More They say….