Like meteors, strangers seem so distant from our daily realities, yet their life-changing impacts on our lives are as inevitable as the coming of a new day. At every new beginning in life, someone who we’ve yet to meet awaits us to introduce us to a new phase of our destiny. Without strangers, life would’ve … More Strangers

Breaking Fall

“Speak to us about why we fall,”say the weary souls of mankind:You fall because of the bumps and pitson the road of life are altars of destinythat all knees must bow in honor tobefore stepping into their destiny.Life allows no one to take uninterrupted stepsinto his or her destiny,so while walking on the road of … More Breaking Fall


My heart grooves to the music of free will but my feet move to the rhythm of destiny.My lungs breathe the air of free will,but my feet are shackled to the unchangeable will of destiny,unable to explore the freedom of life possibilities.My life is like a choice-less leaf blowing in the wind of destiny. Destiny … More Destiny

Relation…ships: the originally passports and visas of life.

Relationships take us places and introduce us into the worlds of other people; they are the original passports and visas that take us on our physical, mental, and emotional journeys in life. They are the forces in life that drive us toward success and failure and propel us into our destinies. Some people are put … More Relation…ships: the originally passports and visas of life.